2S Water
2S Water


Edmonton, AB, Canada

2S Water have developed a sensor to detect metals in water in real time. The current solution is grab samples which are sent to the lab, a time delayed and error prone process. 2S Water believes we can do better. Realtime information is essential for process optimization, regulatory compliance, and early issue identification. Our first target market is mining, an industry plagued by regulatory fines and water quality issues, and ripe for data driven process optimization. Most of these issues focus around metals and atomic contaminants that, up until now, no one could detect in real time. 2S Water's sensor provides realtime data in a fully automated system that provides the instant feedback that facility operators need. Further applications include petrochemicals, forestry, and municipalities. 2S Water wants to make the world’s water safe and understood. With realtime data, we can protect water, protect the environment, and protect facilities.

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