Software Engineer (Full Stack)



Software Engineering
Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Citylitics delivers predictive intelligence on local utility & public infrastructure markets

What is Infrastructure? It is the roadways you rely on to safely get to Grandma's house, it's the potable water that comes out of your kitchen tap that you wash your family's food with and it's the energy that heats our homes and powers our digital lifestyles.

Every year, trillions of dollars are spent on all areas of infrastructure to maintain our quality life and move our economy forward. However, our infrastructure is no longer equipped to meet the needs of the future. We hear about infrastructure failures, whether bridge collapses, power blackouts, or water main breaks, every day in the news. Climate change and extreme weather events are disrupting the basic infrastructure we took for granted for years.

Citylitics is solving the hardest data problems in infrastructure while building the sales intelligence platform that enables a faster, more transparent, and more efficient infrastructure marketplace. We turn millions of unstructured documents into high value intelligence feeds and datasets that are available on an intuitive user experience. Our goal is to enable solution providers to connect with cities with relevant infrastructure needs in a faster and more digital way than historic market channels. As more companies adopt our platform, cities & utilities will be able to access solutions that deliver on the promise of moving towards a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable infrastructure future.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are seeking a highly motivated software developer with experience in building full stack web applications. Defining data models, developing robust backend APIs, and integration in dynamic web frontends. The ideal candidate will be proficient in both backend and frontend technologies, and capable of designing and implementing scalable and efficient systems.

What Will You Accomplish?

  • Data-driven:
    • Hands-on experience working with ORMs, but also writing/optimizing SQL queries for analyzing/validating data
  • Design-driven:
    • Clear and concise written/oral communication via technical documentation and demos
    • Backend and frontend development, able to sequence product behaviors into courses of technical implementation
    • Code is clean and well covered with automated tests
  • Growth-driven:Continue to expose yourself to evolving industry standards, and be persistent in reducing tech debt and adopting new technologies/best practices to drive the codebase and business forward